Samuel L. Jackson Plays "Breaking Bad's" Walter White

There are days when we just love the Internet.

And he is one bad meth-erfucker.


Looks like this is a good week for Breaking Bad fans. After yesterday's story about official Walter White action figures, we've now seeing screen legend Samuel L. Jackson take on the role of the man himself. But don't freak out - he's not replacing Bryan Cranston for the rest of the show, he's just doing it as part of his drive to raise awareness for the Alzheimer's Association. In the video below, Jackson films himself recreating the amazing "I am the danger" monologue from Season 4, and, while we've come to expect a good level of intensity from Sam Jackson, it's still an awesome performance:



Of course, this is the Internet, so that means that some enterprising soul has already taken Jackson's speech and edited it into the original scene. So if you've ever thought to yourself, "You know, I like that show Breaking Bad, but I really wish I could have the exact same show, only with Samuel L. Jackson speaking out of Bryan Cranston's face," then this, sir, is your lucky day. Also, you have bizarrely specific tastes. Just sayin'.



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