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Who Will Play Hillary?

A movie script about young Hillary Clinton is making the rounds in Hollywood…so we're casting it.

Photos: Alexander Michael / Retna Ltd. & Robert Smith / Retna Ltd. & Eric McCandless / CBS

From law school ninja to ballsy first lady to cool-as-a-cucumber Secretary of State, there's no doubt that Hillary Clinton has led a way more exciting life than you. Exciting enough, it seems, to warrant a screenplay called "Rodham" about her years as an ambitious just-out-of-law-school 20-something finding her way in the world. It's getting a ton of buzz right now, so of course everyone wants to know who is gong to play her. To help out those inept Hollywood producers, we offer three rock-solid casting choices. You're welcome!

Jennifer Lawrence
Like "Rodham," the Hunger Games star is the hottest thing in Hollywood. Sure, she might be a bit sexier than Secretary Clinton, but just imagine how excited Bill would be to help her "get into" the role.

Chelsea Clinton
The former first daughter has been keeping a relatively low profile as an adult, so why not burst back into the spotlight with the role of a lifetime? On the other hand, it could be creepy to see her make out with someone playing her dad.

David Spade
The resemblance is uncanny…plus, he's already got the hair!

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