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Maxim Brings Questlove And Big K.R.I.T. Together At ACL

Is a collaboration in the works? "Maybe" is our definitive answer!


Photo by David Miller


Maxim just spent the weekend at Austin City Limits festival, and while our memories of the event are hazy - something about falling off a mechanical bull seven times will do that to you - we know that we spoke to a lot of big artists and then partied our pants off till 5AM every night (pro tip: drinking whiskey out of a kazoo seems like a good idea at the time, but it's not. It just ruins your kazoo). One moment that really stood out for us, though, was the historic meeting between Mississippi's own Big K.R.I.T and the legendary Questlove of The Roots at the Forza Horizon Music Lounge. After getting their pictures taken together, K.R.I.T asked Questo if he'd be into collaborating with him on his new album, at which point cell phones were whipped out, numbers were exchanged and music fans everywhere began salivating in anticipation. Just remember, guys - if this happens, we want a cut for introducing you! Also, if you need anyone to play kazoo, we're totally down for that. Just as soon as we've finished draining the whiskey out of it.


Photo by David Miller


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