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Spend Halloween Weekend Balls-Deep in Zombies

Do you know what trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon? Zombies. And do you know when the zombie craze really ramps up? Halloween.

But apparently staying home and watching a Walking Dead marathon simply isn’t good enough for some people. Case in point: the dana hotel & spa in Chicago, which recently announced that it will be “taken over by zombies” from October 26 – 31, with ongoing zombie-themed packages available all the way through December 12th—the last day of the Mayan calendar, naturally.

Just to be clear, that’s like 6 whole weeks of zombie shit.

Each room will be equipped with an apocalypse survival kit containing essentials like a whistle, flashlight, “survival snacks,” and so on.  Throughout the weekend of the 26th, a costume party will be raging on the rooftop lounge, complete with an “infection scan” at the door, assorted prizes, and ghastly amounts of booze—without which, of course, none of this would be tolerable. But you may also want to consider popping a handful of Xanax before you head upstairs, as the elevator will be making stops at the “5th floor dead zone,” where walkers will apparently be attempting to claw their way in. You know, so they can eat your brains and what not.

Other highlights we don’t have the energy to elaborate upon include: a zombie parade and dance-off, and a Halloween-themed brunch featuring “frightful” cocktails like the absinthe-based Corpse Reviver No. 2. Although the most frightening thing about that is what’s going to happen if they’re stingy with the absinthe.



Show me more booze!*

*Whoops, I meant show me more BOOBS