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Farewell, "The Playboy Club", We Hardly Knew Ye

Three episodes of Amber Heard in a Playboy bunny outfit is all you're going to get: Variety reports that NBC's controversial drama The Playboy Club (and by controversial we mean the perpetual wet blankets that is the Parents Television Council thought it might turn kids into booze-swilling horn dogs who dress in fine tailored suits) just got the axe. The show about the goings on at the infamous Chicago club in the 1960's unquestionably sucked (Eddie Cibrian laughably playing a mob boss didn't help matters) and the ratings were deadly (this Monday's episode had a pathetic 3.4 million viewers), but did the first canceled show of the new fall season have to be this one? "Free Agents" is still on the air, for Chrissakes! Do something about that, PTC! (Won't somebody please think of the children?!) 

Of course, "The Playboy Club" is hardly the first sex-centered show to get canceled before it could really blossom and experiment with other shows. CBS tried to give the swingin' 60's a shot, with a show about swingers, called "Swingtown". Even though it was far less repulsive than the unfairly-titled "Wife Swap", viewers figured if they couldn't exchange their spouse, than no one could. Then there was HBO's crazy graphic series "Tell Me You Love Me", which like "Swingtown" and "Playboy Club" didn't make it past season one. Even on pay cable, all the bare asses and "whoa!" moments (in one episode Adam Scott got, a, er, helping hand from his wife) couldn't keep people interested because of all the emotional baggage that came with it. 

So, RIP, "The Playboy Club". We'll remember you fondly. Or, you know, we'll remember you. Kinda.