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Gym Beast

Nick Nilsson, author of Muscle Explosion: 28 Days to Maximum Mass, gives three unique exercises guaranteed to shake up your boring-ass routine. Plus, his book has explosion in the title. And that’s a bear. How can this not be awesome?

Gym Beast
Goal: Rut Busting

Side Ab Push-Ups
Sit on your side on the floor with one hand propping up your body. Extend your legs, feet together. Point your propping hand in line with your body. Place your other hand on your lower rib cage. Now contract your abs and slowly lift your torso as high as possible. Feel the tension in your abs with your hand and marvel at the beauty of the human form. Repeat until fatigued and switch sides. Do two sets.

Plank One-Armed Dumbbell Rows
Take a moderate-weight dumbbell, something you can do 12 to 15 reps with, and place your hand on the end of a bench. Walk your feet back until you’re almost horizontal. Now row, switching back and forth every few reps. Bonus points: Lift the foot opposite the arm you’re working out. Extra super bonus points: Sing La Bouche’s “Be My Lover” as loud as possible.
Give three sets a go.

Inclined Barbell Curls
Grab a barbell and take a seat on an inclined bench. Rest the barbell on your thighs. Lift slowly and hold at your chest. Slowly lower to a resting position on your thighs again. This allows you to start every rep from a dead stop, maximizing your maximum explosive pump power, maximally. Try two sets of five to seven reps.