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Let's All Salute President Obama's Workout Routine

He was secretly recorded while pumping iron at a gym in Poland, and the video is the best.

When you're an American President in Poland, what the hell else are you gonna do but hit the hotel gym? And so it was that President Obama wound up in a tracksuit doing squats at the Marriott Warsaw yesterday, much to the surprise of other hotel guests - one of whom apparently thought it wise to shoot a quick video of the president exercising and leak it to the media.

While some were quick to assert that the video is proof of a breach in POTUS' security, the Secret Service denies any such breach, saying that they generally do not shut down public gyms to accommodate the president's workout schedule while traveling.

Nevertheless, we don't often get a candid look into Obama's private life, let alone his workout routine, but based on this video, we like what we see. Watch as the leader of the free world lifts, squats, and jazzercises* his way to a better him. President Obama: He's just like us!

*There is no jazzercising.

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