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Nikki Sixx's Guide To Living

The Mötley Crüe legend should be dead. In fact, he has died. But in surviving, Nikki Sixx has learned a few lessons.

What advice would you give someone to live through what you’ve lived through?
Drink water. 
Take Zoloft.
Wear a condom.
Use hairspray.
Carry a knife.
Always say yes to your girlfriend.

What five tips would you offer to avoid the hard life altogether? 
•  Buy a Prius, not a Ferrari.
•  Snort baby powder, not cocaine.
•  Get colonics rather than mainline Jack Daniel’s.
•  Shower regularly.
•  Meditate or masturbate daily, whether you need to or not.

How are you still alive after all your brushes with death?
It’s been a breeze if you compare me to Keith Richards or Lemmy from Motörhead.

How is your lifestyle different now than in Crüe’s heyday?
I try to work out five days a week. I actually feel like I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s.

Do you still drink?
No. Absolutely not.

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