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The Slob's Guide To Fitness

David Zamdmer, Art Director

Photographed for Maxim by John Loomis | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014
$22–$34 per class
What it is: Running, floor work, and weight training during hour-long group sessions. One day might focus on cardio, another on abs, another on arms. It’s kind of like “clubby basic training” with lots of blaring dance music, so prepare for fist pumping!
Frequency: I tried to go four times a week, Monday through Thursday, to give myself a full weekend to talk myself out of suicide.
Convenience: The program has outposts in L.A., New York, London, and Boston, so unless you’re in one of those cities, tough luck.
Intensity: The idea is to go as hard as you can without dying. I was a little apprehensive because I had knee surgery a few years ago, but by the end I was kicking everyone’s ass.
X-factor: The makeup is probably 65-35 in favor of women. Not that I checked them out. (I hope my girlfriend isn’t reading this.)
Results: I lost some weight, gained some muscle, and am definitely a lot more cut. And speaking of my girlfriend, let’s just say she was very happy with the results.
But can you do it drunk? Yikes. I wouldn’t recommend it!
Calories Burned: 800-1K in an hour-long bootcamp class.

On David: Under Armour Tactical Charged Tee, $25, Combine Training Shadowcamo Shorts, $50,