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The Slob's Guide To Fitness

Adam Linehan, Intern, Army Vet

Photographed for Maxim by John Loomis | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014
$200 for a TRX home kit
What it is: A pair of looped straps that give you an intense workout in which you’re working against your own body weight. (This may be less effective for Olsen-twin types.) 
Frequency: Three times a week at the local Crunch gym, for 30 to 45 minutes a session, plus cardio and soccer.
Convenience: The good thing about using TRX at the gym is you don’t have to move around from workout station to workout station. And if I can’t make it to the gym, I’ll work out in my apartment with the at-home set. 
Intensity: When I started it was tough, but the workouts got easier as I went along. To spice things up, I began doing some of the trickier exercises, like the plyometric hand hops, which never, ever get any easier. Because they’re designed to suck. 
X-factor: You can do it in your pj’s!
Results: I’m feeling a little stronger and a bit lighter on my feet, but I don’t think I lost any weight. Of course, moonlighting at a barbecue restaurant didn’t help matters.
But can you do it drunk? Yes, of course. Alcohol makes me stronger.
Calories Burned: 360-530 in an hour-long TRX training session.

On Adam: Asics Tango Shorts, $40, Sleek Stride Socks, $10, Gel-Fortius Shoes, $90,