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You can't keep your shirt on all summer. It's hot, and those sweat patches that start at your armpits and slowly spread to meet the spots on your chest and the strip down your back are about as attractive as chewing toenails. Everyone puts on a few pounds over winter. It's our body's natural response to keep us warm through the cooler months, and similarly most people lose some of those pounds as the days get hotter.

Some people don't though. Some people will cling to those pounds like chubby lovers, and just keep adding annually.

Well friends, ready or not, May is officially here. That means a month or two max until you will likely find yourself surrounded by people in board shorts, and more importantly, bikinis. It's time to shape up.

Over the next four weeks we will be bringing you all things fitness. From equipment and exercises to nutrition, and most importantly wha

t you should wear while you're doing it.

You're fat. It's time to get fit.

With 6 million ways to exercise, we thought we'd start with the most accessible: running. You can run anywhere, anytime, and despite the torturous experience, will get you fit. On the flip-side, you might also get injured. A recent study by the van Middlekoop crew found that 55% of runners are injured during the year running up to a city marathon. But we aren't suggesting a marathon.

A 30min run at a lenient speed of 6mph should see you at approximately 3 miles. If you can do that every morning you will get fit, and quick. Running is something that few people like, even fewer people love, and most people hate: it's boring, it's hard work, it hurts; all very good reasons why running sucks, but you will get fit, and that lads, is the goal. By addressing the major complaints though, running can be a totally different experience. 1. Run somewhere pretty. It might sound ridiculous, but your surroundings can do a lot to take your mind off the throbbing pain in your thighs. 2. Listen to music that gets you going. This will help drown out the screaming sounds in your shins. 3. Wear appropriate attire. 1 and 2 are palliative. This is preventative. Invest in clothing that will actively assist you, particularly a great pair of running shoes.

This weekend we tested the Puma Complete Ventis Running Shoe. If this is the standard by which we measure all others, they're in for a challenge for sure. These shoes are super lightweight, a vital component of a decent running shoe. They feature Puma's ArchTec support for perfect heel-to-toe transition, and the jewel in the Ventis crown, a large idCELL crash pad for a soft landing. You need a soft landing so your joints don't pack up at 40, but this was like a bed for your foot. As the ache becomes too much, you can almost relax and let momentum carry you as you bounce along on the bubble.