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Witness the Fitness: Ab Circle Pro

If you have cable, and you ever lie awake into the wee hours of the a.m. watching TV until the most riveting things on are infomercials and shopping channels, chances are you've seen the Ab Circle Pro. And chances are as you watched the buff-bodied guys and slim, sexy chicks swinging round the circle with white smiles the size of crescent moons and not a bead of sweat in sight, you were sold. Just 3 minutes a day enjoying the awesome fun those people were clearly having, and you could have a six-pack in just a few weeks. You grabbed a pad and scribbled down the number. Sweet.

But the next day, as the cold cruel light of morning streamed in through the window, you realized: your fat ass swinging round that bizarre piece of equipment in your studio apartment would not only look ridiculous, but 3 minutes a day for a few weeks couldn't possibly live up to claims of six-pack sublimity.

Well folks, we put one to the test, and yes, you're right. 3 minutes a day on the Ab Circle Pro will not a six-pack make. However, 30 minutes a day will give you the generally agreed upon cardio exercise required to lose weight and stay fit. The motion around the ACP is also as stated created largely using  your core. This sets it apart from other cardio exercise like running or biking, and if your core is what you are focusing on, the ACP does just that. We noticed a definite increase in definition after 2-3 weeks using the ACP 5 times a week for 30 minutes a day. There are two problems with the equipment however. First is the knee pads. The spot where the pads are screwed onto the unit rubs on your knees as you use exercise, and will take the skin off, or blister. This is easily solved by placing cushioning between your knee and the pad. The second is the grip of the equipment's feet, meaning there really is none. If you have carpet you will be fine, however if, like us, you have wooden floors, you will find yourself sliding back and forth across your apartment. The exercise already looks ridiculous enough. This is too much. We solved the problem by placing silicon grip pads purchased on eBay under each of the four feet. No more slip and slide. Happy swinging.