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Witness the Fitness: Acupressure

You've all seen the movie, set in some 'far away land' where a skinny man in a head wrap and a loin cloth lies on a bed of nails, but is surprisingly unperforated. Cut to big fat man running/falling towards him. You get the drift. Well it seems that beyond a convenient tool for cinematic slapstick, there is method behind this bizarre bed-of-nails madness. Acupressue.

The Yantra Mat is made of foam encased in a cover coated with spiked plastic discs. Hundreds of these discs combine to give each mat at least 8,820 effective pressure points. Or spikes. It is initially uncomfortable, but in minutes you feel a warm sensation all along your back. Apparently that is an increase in blood flow, improving circulation for lower blood pressure and better nutrient delivery. After each intense workout during this countdown to a shirtless summer, lie on the mat for 10-40mins for muscle tension and back/neck pain relief. It's yantra, baby.