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Witness the Fitness: MuscleCare

It's less than 2 weeks until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. In preparation perhaps you've been working out so seriously over the last few weeks that the muscles in your back and shoulders are just one big throbbing knot of immobility, and if the popo pulled up with their guns out shouting 'put your hands in the air', you'd be gunned down as you frantically flapped your arms about by your sides in a vain attempt to raise them. You haven't been stretching, so start, and if you ordered the Yantra Mat we featured yesterday, you're well on your way to relief. While we're on the subject though, here's something else that might help you escape death at the hands of the trigger-happy heat. Professional Therapy MuscleCare is a line of muscle pain relief products developed by Dr. Chris Oswald. Unlike other brands on the market, MuscleCare contains all natural ingredients, with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anesthetic properties, muscle relaxant and circulation enhancers, and cartilage and tissue repair properties. We've been using it since we started systematically ripping our muscles a few weeks ago, and while the cooling/burning sensation sets of the sweats, we have no pain and full range of motion. Looks like we'll live to lift another day.

Roll-On Gel, $18, Ointment, $22,