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Witness the Fitness: P90X

First we gave you the skinny on the Ab Circle Pro. Now another infomercial phenomenon that you thought once or twice you might try, but for one reason or another decided against. If your one reason (or another) was you were just too lazy to pick up the goddamn phone, P90X is not for you. If you were more like thinking the results shown couldn't possibly be achieved, but like, wow dude, then listen up. The results you see are probably for real. And we've actually met people, ripped people, who swear by it. We don't mean P90X reps, we're talking random people in random places. So we tried it. And now comes the reason we only think it works but we don't know for sure. We gave up. DVD 1/12, hardcore Chest & Back for an hour killed us. DVD 2/12, Plyometrics for an hour hammered the nails in the coffin. If you can complete all 12 of these DVDs in sequence for 90 days, it really is no wonder you look like He-Man. These workouts really are extreme. In all fairness they do say so, all the way through the infomercial. They tell you, you need to have a reasonable level of fitness and you need to 'bring it'. And they mean it. We hear Pink does P90X, and while we kinda feel like we got beat by a girl, she looks like she'd try fist fight David Haye if she had to. That makes us feel better. Roselyn Sanchez does it too. For her we have no excuse.