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Five Women Who Broke The Hearts Of Athletes (Twice, If You Are Kim Kardashian)

As you're no doubt aware by now if you can't unglue your eyes from celebrity gossip gibberish, Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries. And, well, yes, we're shocked. Totally shocked. Totally, utterly shocked. So shocked that a marriage done entirely for the sake of a reality TV show is ending, that we've actually had this article ready to go for 60 days. Shocked, we tell you. Anyway, in honor of today's momentous events, here are five women who broke athletes' hearts (Kim - you were already on this list. What do you have against sports?)

Elisha Cuthbert v. Sean Avery
Cuthbert’s hopscotch move from Avery to Calgary’s Dion Phaneuf left the former Rangers bad boy so heart broken that he was suspended. The NHL gave Avery indefinite leave when he referred to Cuthbert as “sloppy seconds.” Ouch!

Kim Kardashian v. Reggie Bush
After a three-year whirlwind romance, even Bush’s Super Bowl win couldn’t keep Kim at his side. She tucked Bush into the end zone to foster her estimated $35 million media empire. Free your mind and your ass will follow! At least as far as the next divorce court, going by today's news.

Eva Longoria v. Tony Parker
Never mess around on a desperate housewife! Longoria didn’t waste any time kicking San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker to the curb when she learned of his “indiscretions.” She filed divorce papers, Tony was blindsided, and that was ballgame. (Buzzzer!)

Carmen Electra v. Dennis Rodman
Here’s an oldie but a goldie – Baywatch goddess Electra divorces eccentric basketball star Dennis Rodman after just six months of marriage. Shocker! Just before the announcement, Rodman said: "Every day it's something [in the press] about her or me, and it's hard on the marriage." Worm, no! You really think?

Elin Nordegren v. Tiger Woods
Yes, of course, we know it was Tiger who broke Elin’s heart when it was discovered that the golf luminary had trysts with a gaggle of stray women. But in the end, Elin snagged a cool $100 million in the divorce settlement, and left Tiger crying all the way to the bank. Forget his club and golf balls, hit ‘em where it really hurts, Elin!