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Bad News: We’re Running Out Of Chicken Wings

The National Chicken Council says there aren’t enough chickens to feed your insatiable appetite.

Photo: Jack Puccio / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Are you one of the millions of Americans who loves stuffing your face with too-many-wings-to-count on Super Bowl Sunday? Well, the National Chicken Council has some bad news: there’s going to be a shortage. Demand for chicken wings is at an all-time high this year due to decreased wing production caused by increased prices of corn and feed.

Specifically, the National Chicken Council states “Chicken companies produced about 1 percent fewer birds last year.” And while 1 percent doesn’t seem like a lot, the Council estimates that the number of wings to be consumed during this Super Bowl weekend will be 1.23 billion, which is actually 12.3 million less than last year.

What that math realistically means for you and your gut: wings may be a teeny tiny bit harder to find and cost a little more, or very, very worst case scenario, your local sports bar may scrap the all-you-can-eat wings item on their menu. And before you go out and buy buckets of wings to stash under your mattress just remember that “2013 bacon shortage” that the National Pig Association erroneously announced. Bacon is still here, wings will still be here, and everything will be okay.

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