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Breaking Down The $5,000 "FleurBurger 5000"

With a price tag of $5,000, the FleurBurger 5000 is the most expensive hamburger on Earth. We visited the dish’s creators at Fleur, located within Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, to learn/eat more.

Photographed by James Tse

Much like the Lakers’ shooting guard of the same name, this $50 Kobe patty is known for being tender.

Why shell out a pedestrian $7 for a jar of Grey Poupon when you can dress your bread with $25 foie gras and $300 truffles?

Who cares about carbs when the bread comes packed with more truffles? We’re sensing a trend here.

Fingerling potatoes finished with garlic, thyme, rosemary, and black lava salt. Guests are encouraged to dip this bounty in—you guessed it!—the truffle sauce.

Mandalay Bay’s award-winning head chef, Hubert Keller, launched Fleur de Lys San Francisco, considered to be one of the top restaurants in America. Says Keller of his boeuf de résistance: “The burger is special because I combine the finest ingredients with one of the world’s finest wines.” Speaking of which…

A large portion of your balance goes toward a $2,500 bottle of the 1995 Château Pétrus, which comes with two souvenir Italian Ichendorf Brunello glasses, worth $75 a pair.

Per Mandalay Bay’s publicity team: “The restaurant does not provide any pricing information on the individual ingredients.” Fair enough, but the big brains over at The Wall Street Journal estimated that the whole shebang comes out to roughly $3,000. The extra two grand is all for the presentation, people. Sacré bleu!

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