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Food Fight: Battle for the Ultimate Sandwich

Seven chefs entered. Only one left a winner. But no one left hungry. Behold the most mind-blowing, gut-busting, life-changing sandwiches ever made.

Click here to see the sandwich slideshow.

Is there any food more perfect than the sandwich?
Grab a handful of anything you love—meat, cheese, veggies, pizza, all four—shove between two pieces of bread, add condiment, consume. It’s an all-in-one delivery system for belly-filling happiness, no forks necessary. We have just one complaint: Classic sandwiches have grown stale. Ham and cheese? Ho-hum. PBJ? More like PB-played. (Sorry.) So we challenged the chefs at some of New York’s best restaurants to take our favorite meal to the next level in a head-to-head competition. Then we got New York Jets monster Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold to help us pick a winner. The battle royal was more delicious than we ever could have imagined.

The Rules
Create the ultimate man sandwich.
2. Do not make anything that’s currently on the menu at one of your restaurants.

The Judges

Center, New York Jets
Favorite sandwich: “If I can get a turkey club, I’m living the high life.”

Chef-Instructor, Institute of Culinary Education
Favorite sandwich: “The bigger the pile of meat between two slices of bread, the happier I am.”

Senior Editor, Maxim
Favorite sandwich: “An Italian hero with sharp provolone and lots of vinegar, or whitefish salad on a salt bagel.”

Associate Editor, Maxim
Favorite sandwich: “Chicken parm, because it combines my two favorite food groups: ‘fried’ and ‘cheese.’”



Click here to see the sandwich slideshow.


Get the recipe for the all the sandwiches below:

1. Spicy Glazed Pig’s Head Meatloaf with Triple-Smoked Bacon and Shishito Peppers

2. Smoked Prime Rib with Pickled Green Tomato and Two Salsas

3. Tigelle con Porchetta e Crema di Funghi

4. Merguez with Frites and Harissa Aioli

5. Sweet and Sour Veal Tongue Num Pang

6. The BAD (Bacon, Apple, and Dill)