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Get Your Spoon Out of My Butt

Ben and Jerry's put the deep freeze on Caballero Video's series of porn
spoofs based on the names of the tubby duo's most delicious flavors. The
production and sale of flicks like Boston Cream Thighs, Chocolate Fudge
Babes and Peanut Butter D Cups has been officially cocked blocked, thanks
to a decision handed down (presumably with one hand) by a California court.

Normally we're against anything that gets in the way of our pornographies,
but we have to say we're pretty disappointed by the uninspired titles the
Caballero perverts whipped up. How about Break My Cherry Garcia? Or
Chocolate Vagina Swirl? Or even Phisting Food?

Come on porn spoof makers, you're better than that. Maxim readers, help
them out in the comments below. Send your nominations for Ben & Jerry's
porn spoofs and let your voice be heard!


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