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Maxim’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Food Guide

Heading to the French Quarter for Fat Tuesday? Here’s how to stuff your face in style.


Coop’s Place
1109 Decatur St

The place:
It looks like a standard dive bar – dim interior, drinks served in plastic cups – but it’s the little touches that make this place special. Particularly the picture of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the window that says, “DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN”. That’s a sentiment every football fan can get behind.

The food:
Rabbit & Sausage Jambalaya

Cameron's take:
This should be everyone’s first stop in NOLA every single time they visit. Four different animals go into this dish, but the spicy concoction makes it taste like it comes from one four-headed flavor-beast.

Nick's take:
My first experience of true Louisiana jambalaya, and one not likely to be surpassed. The boneless rabbit, pork sausage and shrimp were all incredible, but it was the addition of tasso – a spicy, fatty smoked pork that’s a specialty of the area – that made me want to take this dish home to meet my parents.


Cajun Fried Chicken

Cameron's take:
I got a pocket of uncooked batter buried deep inside the moist white meat of this spicy and perfectly-fried chicken. I wanted to live in that pocket for the rest of my natural days.

Nick's take:
For the rest of my life, I will be disappointed by any fried chicken that doesn’t come with a huge side of jambalaya.

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