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Maxim’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Food Guide

Daisy Duke’s
121 Chartres St

The place:
What looks like your average sports bar actually does a great line in Cajun food, alongside the more typical stuff like wings, pizzas and burgers. Wash it down with an Abita Amber, and you’ve got yourself a meal, son!

The food:
Blackened Alligator Sausage

Cameron's take:
Perfectly meaty, blackened, and slightly fishy in the aftertaste, they don’t skimp on the alligator portions here. It was the fried green tomatoes that made me feel special in the pants area, though.

Nick's take:
The alligator sausage itself was fantastic – succulent, meaty, salty and with all the scales removed – but it was the sides that made my head (and later, stomach) explode: Served with a cup of gumbo, a pile of jambalaya, a large biscuit and a few perfectly fried green tomatoes, this is a dinner for those that like to show their toilet bowl who’s boss.

Red Beans & Rice

Cameron's take:
The beans and rice are beautifully spiced and come in a bowl that is large enough for you to bathe in after you’re finished (or before, we won’t judge you). The warm, flaky biscuit would also make a nice pillow.

Nick's take:
This sounds like a comparatively dull dish, but the enormous bowl – stuffed with huge chunks of hot sausage and another big biscuit – was another pleasantly humongous surprise.