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Maxim’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Food Guide

Central Grocery
923 Decatur St

The place:
This 97-year-old grocery store has Italian and Creole specialties on the shelf, but it hangs its hat on the Muffuletta, a sandwich so badass that it was invented for Sicilian farmers (i.e., real men. Not us).


Cameron's take:
Nothing beats the original. This salty flavor-bomb hasn't changed since its inception and doesn't need to - the thick Sicilian bread absorbs all the olivey-oily goodness and easily deposits it right into your flavor-hole.

Nick's take:
The name Muffuletta actually refers to the circular sesame bread that holds it together, but the sandwich itself is a heart-stopping mix of capicola, pepperoni, mortadella, capicola, provolone, Swiss cheese, and olive salad. On my first bite, I found I’d never wanted to hug a Sicilian farmer so much in my life (this may or may not be true).