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Maxim’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Food Guide

Napoleon House
500 Chartres St

The place:
A beautiful old building complete with an outdoor area, this bar/restaurant is an ideal refuge from the madness of Bourbon St (until Bourbon St inevitably crashes through the door and demands to know why you’re not drinking in the gutter till your teeth fall out).

The drink:

Pimms Cup

Cameron's take:
Enjoy this little piece of summer on Napoleon House’s patio, even if it isn’t summer at all. Sure, it’s got a cucumber in it, but you can still enjoy it. You’re on vacation!

Nick's take:
If you want something a little more refreshing, try a Pimms Cup. Yes, it’s fruity and its main ingredient is a gin-based liqueur, but at least it’s not a Hand Grenade.

Café Du Monde
800 Decatur Street

The place:
This coffee stand was founded in 1862 and has a menu shorter than the wait for service most times. It's open 24 hours, seven days a week and closed only on Christmas (sorry, Santa and Jesus).

The food:


Cameron's take:
This was the easiest menu choice I've had to make in this city, but also the sweetest. There is a powder keg of confectioner's sugar on top of each one of these bad boys - if you leave with clean clothes, you did it wrong.

Nick's take:
If you’ve never had a beignet, it’s like a donut, only French, which means it’s fancier, fluffier and generally better looking. It’s also like kissing a cartoon cloud full of star dust.