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Maxim’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Food Guide

Port of Call
838 Esplanade

The place:
The burger dive that sits just on the edge of the French Quarter can't stop winning awards for their burgers. And we can’t stop eating them.


Cameron's take:
Stacked high with shredded cheddar and served alongside a baked potato (fries are for chumps) this burger disposed of my hangover faster than any medicine could.

Nick’s take:
Sadly, my hangover was of a more persistent variety, and I missed this one, tucked up in bed instead with yet another carton of Brothers’ Fried Chicken. I’m…I’m not proud of it.

The Superdome
1500 Poydras St

The place:
A monumentally enormous arena prone to large sporting events, meme-friendly halftime shows and lengthy blackouts.

The food:

Hot Dog

Cameron's take:
Of all the hot dogs at stadiums across the country, this one probably falls, well, right in the middle, if we’re honest.

Nick's take:
You have to eat something at the game, right?

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