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Striving For a Food Coma In Brazil


Coconut water at Ibiraquera Park. They sell these like hot dogs in New York. They cut a hole with a cool-looking tool into the top of the coconut and stick a straw in it and voilà! It doesn't get any fresher than this. You can even cut it open and eat the coconut inside afterwards. That's like a full meal! 

Lunch at Skye
Skye sits atop Hotel Unique, also known as the Watermelon Hotel, because well, it looks like a giant melon. The food at Skye is mostly seafood-based, which Brazil is known to do really well. 

Kicked off lunch with a Hennessy Mojito... duh. I shouldn't have been so surprised Hennessy goes with mint but it was great. These cocktails were super sweet but in a good way. 

Tuna nicoise salad with a crispy, breaded, soft-boiled egg and potatoes. If you've ever had a Scotch egg, this is a very similar concept, minus the meat. The tuna was a nice touch, because I don't think people generally associate fried food and tuna. Maybe they do? But I don't. The potatoes were like any other fried potato at say... Roy Rodgers, so I didn't really go to town on them.  

Sashimi. So it's technically Japanese, but Brazil does sushi RYTE. Everything was so fresh with more than enough ginger on the side. There was the perfect amount of caviar and creme fraiche rolled up in salmon, making this dish pret-tay... pret-tay... pret-tay pretty fancy. I'm never eating salmon without caviar again, guys. 

Chocolate tart with tapioca, coconut milk, and GOOOOOLD. Honestly, I didn't really need the gold... it kind of just tasted like rocks. Maybe I wasn't supposed to eat them. Anyway, the tapioca and coconut milk were the best part of this dish, but the chocolate tart was pretty spectacular too. It had a spongy, delicate texture with an opposing flavor of very, very rich chocolate. We are talking digestive-problems-if-you-eat-half rich