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10 Cartoon Actresses You’ve Seen Naked

These actresses (and one actor) have gone au natural AND animated

Every now and then, an actress who you’ve seen super naked in one movie decides to do animated voice work for a kids movie. It’s weird and fun for the whole family! Here are the actresses (and actor) who can go from PG to porny and back. Enjoy, you pervs.

Kelly Macdonald

Naked: Trainspotting  
Other Nude Highlights: Some Voices, The Girl in the Cafe
Animated: Brave
Kelly Macdonald is currently in theaters as Princess Merida, aka Pixar’s first real heroine, but long before that she was nuding it up with fellow naked enthusiast Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting. We haven’t seen Brave yet, so we’re just hoping Merida manages to stay off the smack.

Anne Hathaway

Naked: Love & Other Drugs
Other Nude Highlights: Brokeback Mountain, Havoc
Animated: Hoodwinked,  Rio
Given the track record of the onetime voice of Little Red Riding Hood, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Catwoman suit is way sluttier than they’re letting on. And just FYI, Christopher Nolan, we wouldn’t hate it.

Nicole Kidman

Naked: Eyes Wide Shut
Other Nude Highlights: Dead Calm, The Human Stain, Billy Bathgate
Animated: Happy Feet
Just in case you forgot about Tom Cruise’s awkward marriage to Nicole Kidman in the midst of the demise of his awkward marriage to Katie Holmes, Stanley Kubrick immortalized it in Eyes Wide Shut, a movie bursting at the seams with naked people. Kidman tried to clean it up with Happy Feet, but we’re not buying her part -- everyone knows penguins hate Prince.

Salma Hayek

Naked: Frida
Other Nude Highlights: Desperado, Ask the Dusk
Animated: Puss in Boots
Must not make puss joke. Must not make puss joke.

Kate Winslet

Naked: Titanic
Other Nude Highlights: The Reader, Holy Smoke, Jude, Little Children, Iris, Quills, Mildred Pierce...our hands are tired (From typing, you jerk. And masturbating.)
Animated: Flushed Away
The queen of the “artful” nude scene, Kate Winslet went PG for a movie about rats being flushed down the toilet. But just so you’re aware, her character and Hugh Jackman’s never have a touching moment amidst the frozen toilet waters where they vow never to let go. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed.

Drew Barrymore

Naked: Doppelganger: The Evil Within
Other Nude Highlights: Bad Girls, Boys on the Side
Animated: Olive the Other Reindeer
For someone who once voiced a pooch with North Pole aspirations, Drew sure likes going bare. Get it? Kinda like her last name! Took us 8 hours to write that. You’re welcome.

Jennifer Connelly

Naked: Waking Up The Dead
Other Nude Highlights: Requiem For A Dream, The Hot Spot, Mulholland Falls, House of Sand and Fog, Of Love and Shadows, Inventing the Abbots...
Animated: 9
It doesn’t seem like Jennifer Connelly has been up to much since winning that Oscar for A Beautiful Mind, but back in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, she competed with Kate Winslet by going nude in basically everything. She was considerably more covered up in 9, which bears the honorable distinction of being one of two movies called 9 that no one saw.

Evan Rachel Wood

Naked: Across the Universe
Other Nude Highlights: Mildred Pierce
Animated: Battle for Terra, Shark Bait
Evan Rachel Wood’s very naked Mildred Pierce stint received a Maxim TV award for Best Reason to Get Into Stuffy TV Movies, and she gave us a tease before that in the acid trip known as Across the Universe. Speaking of accolades, Battle for Terra won our Award for Best Movie to Watch Once You’ve Seen All Other Movies Twice.

Jennifer Tilly

Naked: Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Other Nude Highlights: Bound, The Getaway, Fast Sofa
Animated: Monsters Inc., Stuart Little
We can’t all be as versatile as equal parts raunchy and family-friendly Jennifer Tilly. Between Pixar parts and, well, Bound parts, she’s a true Renaissance woman. So until he has both an exotic dancer and an adorable snake-haired monster on his resume, we just won’t be that impressed with Daniel Day-Lewis.

Sharon Stone

Naked: Basic Instinct
Other Nude Highlights: Basic Instinct 2, Sliver, The Specialist, Action Jackson
Animated: Antz
Sharon Stone may claim ownership to the crotch shot heard ‘round the world, but her foray into the world of animation was less resounding, considering Antz came out the same time as A Bug’s Life. Still, it gave us this Photoshop treasure, so good job, DreamWorks.

Jason Segel

Naked: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Other Nude Highlights: This was enough...but he was sorta nude in Knocked Up
Animated: Despicable Me
You gotta hand it to Jason Segel: The guy has balls. (Nailed it!) He took an already humiliating breakup scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and made it hysterically uncomfortable by going full frontal. It’s pretty hard to watch him in anything now without picturing this, but since Despicable Me wasn’t bad, we’ll let it slide.