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10 Pickup Lines For The 47 Percent

Mitt Romney has been doing major damage control this week after a video surfaced in which the candidate claimed that 47 percent of Americans “pay no income tax” and are “dependent on the government” for their basic needs. But while Romney is taking the heat for his remarks, you can use them to turn up the heat! Just hit up the nearest bar filled with hot tax-dodging victims and try out these new pickup lines for the 47 percent.



"You just elevated my tax bracket. By which I mean I have a huge boner."


"Let’s roleplay. You be Mitt Romney, and I’ll secretly record us and release the video on the Internet."


"Forget about income tax. When I’m through with you, we’ll both be paying our share of “in come” tax."


"47 percent is nothing. When I’m in bed with a woman, I give at least 51 percent."


"I don’t know if this controversy will affect the election, but I do know that you’re having quite an effect on my “Southern swing state.” By which I mean I have a huge boner."


"Trust me, I know exactly what we need to do to fact check these statements. Now take off your pants."


"I’m the kind of guy who takes no personal responsibility. Unless you’re getting turned on right now. Are you getting turned on? Because that I can take personal responsibility for."


"I already suckle the government teat. Why not yours?"


"There are certain services I’m entitled to that the government simply can’t provide. Feel like picking up the slack?"


"I’m interested to see how this whole thing plays out in a week or two. By which I mean I have a huge boner."


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