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10 Things the Kid from "Blank Check" Bought That Are Still Awesome

Because the '90s weren’t that long ago, RIGHT?

(Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

We all remember the 90’s classic Blank Check (no matter how much certain child stars may drink to try and forget it), in which teenage every-kid Preston Waters essentially steals a million dollars (don’t worry – it’s from a robber) and uses it precisely how any 11-year-old would. For us growing up, it was only natural to envy Preston and all of his amazing buys, but now that we’re adults with real jobs and responsibilities we are totally more sophisticated and mature, and we see all of this as petty, materialistic garbage. Except for those Go-Karts - those are pretty cool. And who wouldn’t want that house? Oh, who are we kidding; even today, we would buy these exact same things that he did.

Pemberton Castle
Price Today - $2,000,000
Estimated Price in 1994 - $1,283,923
Preston is already over his $1 million allotment here, but we’ll raise our willing suspension of disbelief. Every kid dreams of living in a castle, and Preston gets to live that. The only issue is that he forgoes the armor and medieval weaponry that makes a castle the number one fantasy house for a kid. Seriously, just one mace could have made all the difference here. 

A Garbage Can Full of Ice Cream
Price Today - $128
Estimated Price in 1994 - $82

We just did the math and found out it’s possible to get a garbage can full of ice cream for only $128, so we’re typing this on a sticky iPhone in the midst of an epic eating binge that will most certainly end in tears and diabetes. Worth it.

Go-Karts and Track
Price Today - $2,500
Estimated Price in 1994 - $1,604
Having a go-kart track with multiple rides (gas-powered of course – sorry, Mother Gaia) is sweet enough; but having a personal limo driver/butler/source of comic relief waving the checkered flag as you finish? Bellissimo.

Punch-Out Arcade Cabinet
Price Today - $2,000
Estimated Price in 1994 - $1,283
There is nothing we’d love more than to have a stand up Punch-Out arcade cabinet in our own home...except having a stand up Punch-Out arcade cabinet in our own home and punching through the dumb screen when WE LOSE TO KING HIPPO FOR THE 85th CONSECUTIVE TIME, DAMMIT.

Bouncy Velcro Wall and Suit
Price Today - $2,600
Estimated Price in 1994 - $1,669
Here is another prize that benefits from having a fat, hilarious limo-driving friend/servant. And not just because you’d never be able to get yourself off without some help. (We didn't mean for that to sound so dirty...)

Waterslide from Castle to Pool
Price Today - $130,000
Estimated Price in 1994 - $83,455
This turns out to be one of the most expensive custom jobs on the list, and for what? Having to walk through your house soaking wet every time you want to go down a waterslide? And just to be able to go from your office to the pool super quickly? And in the most fun way possible? Damn right, that sounds amazing – where do we send the check?

Price Today - $9,000
Estimated Price in 1994 - $5,777
We’ve always wanted to party like an astronaut (we didn’t do much research, but astronauts party, right?). And what better way to accomplish that than to make yourself dizzy enough to hurl in the convenience of your own backyard?

Human Bowling
Price Today - $4,500
Estimated Price in 1994 - $2,888
This looks awesome enough as it is, but if we were really stacked, we’d buy multiple sets and get all American Gladiators up in this piece.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling
Price Today - $2,500
Estimated Price in 1994 - $1,604
This gag is usually reserved for the “goofy fun” portion of corporate retreats, but as long as you don’t have to bump bellies with your boss or Rhonda from accounting who keeps sending you emails with inappropriate attachments, this would be a ton of fun (no pun intended).

Inflatable Boxing Ring and Giant Gloves
Price Today - $4,000
Estimated Price in 1994 - $2,567
Punch-Out only goes so far; at some point (about three bottles of your fanciest Champagne in) we are going to have to actually punch our friends in the face.

Total Cash Spent by Preston: 1.38 Million
Total Fun Had by Preston: Infinite