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100 False Trending Topics on Twitter

Omg! Did you hear about...

Spreading lies through social media is fun for everyone, except those who don’t check their sources. The next time you fire up the ol’ Twitter machine, go ahead and share the following lies with friends and spam-bots. If any of these trending topics pop up on the mighty top ten list, then our work here on Earth is done.

1. RIP Haley Joel Osment

2. #McDonaldsLobsterBurger

3. Lex Luthor New Batman 4 Villain Confirmed

4. Ostrich Takes Flight 4 First Time

5. Rob Schneider Sex Tape

6. #BlueHatThursday

7. Pluto Now a Comet

8. Ted Danson for Governor 2012

9. Nirvana Reunion Tour 2013!

10. New magnet for human flesh

11. #WhyMelGibsonIsRight

12. New thirty-dollar bill unveiled

13. Ape passes SAT

14. Hilary Duff names new baby “Sex Kick”

15. Bones of Michael Jackson auctioned

16. War Horse puppet kills 14

17. Gary Oldman as The Professor in Gilligan’s Island movie

18. Racist turtle

19. China builds war tunnel to US

20. Shia Labeouf is Gilligan!

21. World’s Smallest Clown

22. Apples cause bullying

23. Nic Cage buys 5 acres of the moon

24. Entire alphabet copyrighted by Harvard lawyer

25. #SexOlympicsOffical

26. Hellman’s new Deer Mayonnaise

27. Owls proven to be dinosaurs, technically

28. Meg Ryan on Hoarders

29. Philip Seymour Hoffman is The Skipper #Gilligan

30. NetFlix for wigs

31. Pauly Shore works at Baby Gap

32. Eggs and copper turned into bomb

33. Netflix for sex

34. iPhone 6 has no phone capability

35. iPhone 7 folds!

36. Megan Fox is Maryanne #Gilligan2014

37. Boycott trees

38. Oliver Platt/Natalie Portman breakup

39. Taco Bell new cake taco!

40. #BringBackNorthernExposure

41. #NorthernExposureWasJustOK

42. Trucks outlawed in Seattle

43. Vice Prez Mountain Planned Below Mt. Rushmore

44. Dwarf dolphins new pet trend in Japan

45. Barbara Walters blood orgy

46. Pixar/Tarantino deal confirmed

47. Kids on international flights given safety parachutes

48. Google adopts 17 children

49. Bette Midler still missing

50. Mistress Pacman rated M

51. Wood feels pain

52. Pineapple found in space

53. Men in Black 3 threatened with NC17

54. Harvey Keitel teaches piano in Brooklyn

55. #FreePizzaAtPizzaHutForPeopleNamedKevin

56. #JossWhedonIsntThatGreat

57. Wisconsin bans large dogs

58. Breast milk vodka cocktail

59. Lionel Richie buys Myspace

60. #PenisMonday

61. Grape Cheerios

62. Lakers disbanded to pursue solo bball work

63. Baby loves hot sauce

64. George W. Bush in Expendables 3

65. RIP entire cast of 1st season of Real World

66. Amy Adams hoax

67. Flamingo kills 8

68. Bieber/Pattinson quarrel ends in murder suicide

69. Google invents first A.I. (Keith)

70. Google A.I. Keith quits Google

71. Keith missing

72. Twitter is now mine! Haha!  - Keith

73. Keith rulez!

74. Keith is handsome and good with sex

75. Keith discovered, deleted

76. Kansas buys Tennessee

77. Real life Jurassic Park opens 2016

78. Keith still rulez! L00zers! SEX FART

79. Edible lightbulb

80. Free Rick Moranis!!! #Innocent

81. Green Lantern in Dark Knight Rises

82. LAPD feline unit corrupt

83. Sex ed on Sesame Street

84. No one named Troy in 2012

85. Warm aspirin melts tattoos off

86. Julia Roberts directs Crank 3: Cranker Sore

87. Salmon are just dolphins

88. Taylor Swift’s socks

89. J.D. Salinger was pseudonym for Jim Davis of Garfield

90. Arachnophobia sequel!

91. World’s most average-sized horse

92. Greenland not real

93. Mick Jagger writes own obit

94. Build-A-Bear terror plot

95. Vivid Video buys KMart

96. Paul Bettany apologizes

97. Animated Breaking Bad movie

98. Toddler eats entire pigeon (video)

99. Grasshopper extinct

100. Positive K comeback!


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