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18 Prostitute-Based Headline Suggestions For The New York Post

They love a good hooker pun, so here's a few to keep them going.

Yesterday, "hooker booker" Jaynie Mae Baker cut a line at the Manhattan Supreme Court, where she had a court appearance scheduled for her involvement in an Upper East Side prostitution ring. Naturally, the always-classy New York Post took this as an opportunity to write a long article about her line-cutting antics and stamp it with one of their classic whore-punny headlines. But we thought they could've done better than "Ho No You Didn't," so here are our alternate headline suggestions. If you've got a better one, leave it in the comments section! 

Hooker Doesn't Like It In the Rear
Waiting In Line Blows
Whore's Line Is It Anyway? 
Pimps In The Front
Hooker, Line, and Stinker
Ho The Line
Excuse Us, Madame!
Escort Is In Session
Underhand Job
The Oldest Procession
Whore-der in the Court!
Size Matters to Hooker
Hooker Chokes on Length
Red Light District Court
Ho Court Advantage
Hooker Goes Full Frontal
Bedroom's Not the Only Place For Butting
Ho Goes Down In Front

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