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3 Holidays That Are Tougher On Your Body Than St. Patrick’s Day

It turns out, there are worse things you can do to yourself than shrivel your liver.




Every year, like many Christians, devout Russians honor the baptism of Jesus. What makes it uniquely Russian is that they choose to do it outside, in January, by going into waters so cold that ice needs to be smashed before they can even get wet. The temperaturesregularly drop into the negative degrees, so if you’ve ever thought twice about dipping your pinky toe into the local pool, the above video is guaranteed to give you the shivers. Bonus bad-assery: In this footage, the tradition is performed by Russia's own recently retired MMA legend, Fedor Emelianenko.

Palio di Siena

This biannual horse race celebrating the competition between the neighborhoods of Siena, Italy, has occurred since 1656, with everyone gathering in the city center so men can ride horses around them for three laps. Here's where it gets really insane: As you'll see in the clip, the turns are extremely sharp and the riders are bareback, meaning men fall off, horses continue to race along with no riders, and spectators periodically rush on to the track to attempt to stop those rider-less horses from crushing those downed jockeys. It’s basically the post-apocalyptic Kentucky Derby.

Filipino Good Friday

First, let it be noted that the practice shown in the above video is entirely voluntary. Second, may it be observed that participants are monitored and eventually helped down. Finally, let it be noted that neither of the above facts makes it any less insane to us that, in tribute to Easter, people in the Filipino province of Pampanga actually crucify each other. So when you’re moaning about your hangover on Monday, make yourself feel better by thinking just how much worse it could be.

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