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3 Insane, Real-Life Game Shows That Put “The Million Second Quiz” to Shame

Giving host Ryan Seacrest a run for his money.

Ryan Seacrest, the biggest-tiniest man in showbiz, recently announced that he would be hosting The Million Second Quiz, a new game show with an “insane concept.” The show takes place in a glass hourglass where contestants will live for 11 days while they answer lots of questions in search of a $10 million prize. Apparently, Ryan is not familiar with YouTube and the bounty of actually insane game show concepts that are just a click away. Here are three that we uncovered with just a cursory web search that are significantly more “insane” than Ry-Ry’s new project.

"El Gran Juego de la Oca (The Game of the Goose)"


This Spanish stunt show features a very enthusiastically-dancing Mr. T ascending to a rope bridge over a pool and trying to disarm explosives before the cartoonishly long fuse burns down and singes all of that perfectly-manicured head-hair of his.

Key moments of insanity:
- Mr. T nervously checking his harness just second before being lifted way off the ground.
- Mr. T asking the host, who speaks a different language, if he’ll let him know when to jump off the exploding bridge.
- The one second cutaway of T doing a choreographed dance right before the commercial.

"Rescue Grandpa!"



The Japanese are the undisputed world champs of crazy game shows. Think of every insane fever dream you’ve ever had in your entire life, and chances are, there’s already a Japanese game show exactly like it. This particular one straps ladies' undergarments to clothespins that are fastened to men’s bodies parts and challenges them to pull off the garment using just those clothespins. The prize? Having pulled off a lady’s clothes using your nostril or whatever, we guess.

Key moments of insanity:
- The first contestant making Daffy Duck-type sounds while on his knees trying to remove the clothing.
- The host hitting the contestants with his fan, because nipple clamps aren’t embarrassing enough.
- The last contestant being known as “P-Man.”

"Hip Show"


Oh hey, Russia. What are you guys bringing to the party? Maybe some dancing bears? Vodka-drinking competition? Oh, just some dudes in some weird obstacle course beating the ever-loving shit out of one another? Yeah, we should have known.

Key moments of insanity:
- All of the moments.

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