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4 Questions For a Mall Santa

Meet perpetually jolly professional Santa Ken Cloud.

Photo: Gansovsky Vladislav / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012


Do you make mad bank?
Let me put it this way: I was disappointed to earn just under $20,000 for six weeks of work last year.

Whoa. What’s the strangest thing someone’s asked for?
A 99-year-old woman wanted another year of life. And a little girl once asked, “Santa, how come you didn’t leave me anything last year?” I wanted to tell her it was because Mom was too busy closing the bar.

Ever encounter people lacking in Christmas cheer?
Parents have yelled at their kids, “Smile for Santa or I’m gonna punch you.” I’ve even been threatened. One Christmas Eve some shopper started shouting, “Santa, don’t you come near my house or I’ll shoot your ass!” He kept yelling until security took him away. Plus, every year I get things thrown at me…like batteries.

Ho, ho, ho! Why is Rudolph’s nose oh so bright?
The cutaneous membranes in his nose could be too thin. Or maybe he just likes to tip back a few.

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