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5 Best Pranks to Pull On The Guy Who Passes Out First

Nothing keeps the party going like pulling an evil prank on the nearest passed out friend. Here are five innovative ideas—because relocating him to the middle of a cornfield with a note tucked in his shirt that says, “Good Morning! You’re in Iowa, have fun getting home,” sounds like way too much work. Also word to the not-so-wise: don’t do any of this stuff. And if you really feel like disregarding that last sentence, don’t send us the hospital bill.

Launch him out of his lawn chair.

Our legal team is telling us we can’t encourage anyone to try this human slingshot prank in real life, but we’re not saying it couldn’t be done – provided you kept the launch a bit more controlled than the version above (and yes, it turns out to be an ad, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious). Don’t be discouraged by the fact that it would probably require more thought and planning than your inebriated mind can muster; just throw back a couple more brews and get to work turning your friend into a giant catapult before he has a chance to sober up.
Put him on a raft and send him out on a pond.
It’s the perfect prank to pull anywhere that a pond is readily available – like your local country club, a prestigious university campus, or, ideally, a swamp in the middle of nowhere. This requires a lot of movement, so be sure this guy’s good and liquored up. And once you get him on the float, keep an eye out to make sure he doesn’t drift too far and drown or whatever…unless you’re a complete dick, in which case, we hope you’re the one who wakes up in the middle of a cold lake.

Tie firecrackers to his feet.

Finally, a way to put those leftover 4th of July fireworks to good use! If you want to go a little further, make things extra interesting by setting obstacles in his path before lighting the fuse (think Tiki torches, bulky beverage coolers, picnic benches, and trash cans). Sure, he may lose a leg, but everyone will have a hilarious story to tell.

Equip his chair with an airbag.
If your auto technician friend invites you to hang out in his garage after a few beers, and then insists that you sit on one particular tire while everyone stands around waiting for you to sit down, there is probably going to be an airbag deployed right up your ass. Luckily, these guys were nice enough to set their victim’s beer right next to him after his flight. That’s friendship if ever we saw it.


Make him think he’s been buried alive.

You know what no one likes? Being buried alive. Even if it’s simulated. Because it’s terrifying, and unless you’re actually Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, you will probably die out of fear before you realize it’s just your shithead friends playing a joke. Still, we like the simplicity and effectiveness of this prank. It’s like Saw meets Jackass. Want to amp up the scare factor? Wear a Jigsaw mask so when he finally breaks free of the cardboard box, he’s scared all over again. And don’t forget to have a defibrillator on-hand.

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