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5 Massive Pole-Dancing Fails

Some will be champions. Others, not so much.

It takes some serious skill to work a pole – props to everyone at the Exotic Dancers Association – but did you know that pole dancing qualifies as an actual sport? Yeah, neither did we, until we heard about the World Pole-Dancing Championship, which took place last weekend in Switzerland. Masters of the trade traveled from all over the world to showcase their insane ability to contort their scantily clad bodies around a metal pole while hanging upside-down for two consecutive days. Needless to say, we really wish we'd been invited to that party.

But while we do of course admire these ladies for their devotion and athleticism, we also have great admiration for those who don't twirl around so easily. Here, five of our favorite pole dancing fails - unfortunately, none of these ladies made it to the championship, but here's hoping they do next time.

Listen, this party guest was just trying to compensate for those boring nuptials. Her effort was great, and her destruction of the entire reception tent was even better.

Everything seems to be going well - sexy lingerie, appropriate music, that awesome upside-down trick - and then BOOM, a concussion ensues.

This is why teenagers shouldn't have webcams. Or any kind of movable pole in their bedroom.

Looking like a true pro, stretching out and putting on a serious face, this girl doesn't stand a chance thanks to her persistently coercive cameraman (hey, he's just trying to get some action!).

You know that weird fantasy everyone has as a teenager about having sex in the same bed as your parents? (Wait, is that just us?) Either way, wanting to pole dance on your grandmother's bed is even more weird. Thankfully, it's over before it even starts. Have fun trying to explain the broken bedpost to grandma!

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