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5 Bizarre Ways To Get Money For College

Because education is 'spensive, y'all!

Photo: Image Source/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

1. Be named "Zolp."
If you're Catholic and your last name is Zolp, Loyola University will pay your tuition. Finally, payback for being alphabetically last for everything in your life and... for being named Zolp. Established by Catholic priest Father Zolp, a Loyola Alumnus, the scholarship requires students to prove they're Catholic and Zolp is their legal last name. Easy enough, right?


2. Make a sandwich. 
Jif is pretty choosy about who they give money to, but make a stellar sandwich that's creative, tastes good, is sexy (as in visually appealing), and easy to make, and they might just give you $25,000 for college, plus all the peanut butter you could possibly eat, in their Jif Peanut Butter's Most Creative Sandwich Contest. Sounds like a good deal to us. Last year's winner made a Mole Chicken Torta, so don't make that if you enter this year.

3. Know about The Great Gatsby or Catcher In The Rye
If you think you know these two books well enough, you could take a very difficult quiz by the people at Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, who believe on testing students on what they know. There are a bunch of rules and it seems like it might be harder than it looks. The CKSF is also known for its great Harry Potter quiz scholarship from 2005. 

4. Have braces.
Gill Orthodontics will give you $1,000 if you have braces and do a good job on writing about costumes and Tuesdays. This isn't a joke.

5. Be a Pagan. 
Free Spirit's College Scholarship Program gives undergrads and grad students $500 scholarships for writing awesome essays and being in the Pagan community. However, Free Spirit says you can be any religion to receive this, so basically just be yourself and write something good and maybe you'll get money. Cool! 

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