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5 Real-Life Synthetic Love Stories

In Spike Jonze's Her, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson (who we're actually in love with). Let's take a look at the real-life affairs people have with machines, dolls, and virtual characters. 

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The iDollator Who Prefers Synthetic Women To "Organic" Ones
Davecat is married to one doll and "close friends" with another. The idea of real-life ladies who might divorce him didn't appeal as much as these two ladies, Sidore (or Shi-chan) and Elena. Sidore is his wife and Elena is his mistress. Got all that? And you guys thought dolls were just for girls! You can follow all their adventures on Twitter: @Davecat, @leahtype, and @ElenaVostrikova.

The Guy Who Married a DS Character

In 2009, Japanese gamer Sal9000 married his girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, from the video game Love Plus. Both real and virtual people attended the wedding. Um...that's sweet?

The Guy In a Sexual Relationship With His Car
Nathaniel has sex with his car, a red Chevy Monte Carlo named Chase. "We always have such a good time together." Well, we can't argue that's not the basis of a good relationship. Go forth, Nathaniel! And wear a seatbelt!

The Guy Who Had Sex With 999 Cars

Think Nathaniel was strange? Meet Edward Smith. In the video above, he compares others' attraction to boobs and butts to the feeling he gets when stroking a helicopter or car part. But the one piece of machinery that truly has his heart? Vanilla, a white Volkswagen Beetle. You know what they say: once you go hatchback, you never go back!

The Man Behind Project Aiko
Aiko is a fembot created in Canada by Le Trung. She can speak and interact with humans and feel pain. We don't know if Le is in love with Aiko, but he loved her enough to spend lots of money creating her. If you want to help him out, you can go to to make her more real. We already made our contribution!*

*We did not.

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