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5 Reasons Why Sandusky Is Not So Bad

If there’s a city that’s in need of a little lovin’ right now, it’s got to be Sandusky, Ohio, the quaint and suddenly profoundly unfortunately named town of 30,000 an hour or so west of Cleveland on the shores of Lake Erie. Herewith five fun facts that just may prevent you from turning your back on Sandusky. (Oops, maybe the wrong choice of words.)

1. Sandusky is home to Cedar Point, an absolutely essential amusement park and arguably the most savage roller coaster destination in the whole friggin’ world.

2. Sandusky is the hometown of the Callahans. And where would American cinema be without Tommy Boy? (We’re still boycotting the Academy for not giving Brian Dennehy a Best Supporting Actor nod for his role as Big Tom Callahan.)

3. Occupy Sandusky. A peaceful, musical gathering of 40 or so model citizens was last week. No arrests were made, no complaints filed, no public urination. We weren’t able to attend, but certainly there were a few moist eyes when guitarists and demonstrators joined in and sang “This Land Is Our Land.”

4. Master dartist and perennial World Series of Darts competitor Roger Carter (who once famously executed a “nine-darter” in a qualifying match!) is a proud Sanduskyan. Super Bowl-winning coach and affable NFL commentator Jon Gruden also calls Sandusky home.

5. After soiling yourself repeatedly at Cedar Point, you can pay a visit to the Kalahari Waterpark Resort, “America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark” Once you get past the irony that America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark is named after a desert in Africa, you can settle in for some wet ’n’ wild recreation.