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5 Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes a lightning look at what's been trending this week. [Sept 22 - Sept 28]


Google Maps has taken the grid system to new depths, in a good way, by going below sea level and giving us street-type-views of places on the ocean floor around the world, like the Great Barrier Reef and Hanauma Bay through Google Earth.

While this is good news for most, it probably caused the people who created the widely ridiculed Apple Maps to put on flippers and snorkels and swim away in a sea of their own tears.


An 83 year-old Rapper named Kwayzar released a single called, “I can still DO IT!”  After being posted on Reddit and linked to youtube, it took off like wild fire.

When Kwayzar says ‘I can still DO IT,” I just assume he means take his meds, clean his dentures and hold his bowels, which is impressive, but probably not worthy of all this attention.


Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ is now one of the most viewed videos on youtube ever, with over 302 million views.

If someone would have asked me seven years ago if I thought an obscure, portly South Korean rapper with shiny hair would be a youtube sensation, I would have said, “What’s youtube?" And then I would have said, "Yeah, right… that’s about as likely as Jon Cryer beating out Louis CK, Larry David and Alec Baldwin for a Best Actor Emmy in a comedy series.” 


FOX Network’s “Raising Hope” became the first ever TV show to air a full, commercial free episode on Twitter.

I just wonder how they managed to create a solid story arc with a script that had to be 148 characters or less.



TJ Lang, a guard for the Green Bay Packers, took to twitter after a loss on Monday against Seattle to voice some frustration about the NFL’s replacement referees' indecisive calls. Here’s TJ’s tweet: @tjlang70: Got fucked by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl

Upon hearing this, supposedly one of the replacement refs released a statement saying he unequivocally sticks by his calls. Then he retracted the statement, then re-released the statement, then he reviewed the statement with the other officials before hastily dropping his whistle and running away.



@imkeithfenimore and that's, as I see it, what's trending in social media this week!


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