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5 Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes a lightning look at what's been trending this week. [Oct 1 - Oct 5]

Jennifer Livingston, a local TV anchor from WKBT-TV in Wisconsin, became an overnight sensation when she addressed an email from a viewer accusing her of not being a good role model because of her weight.  
Isn’t life hard enough without having to fend off unwarranted hurtful and negative comments?  Can’t we all just be nice to one another? Here, I’ll start... hey, Kate Upton, you have a super nice rack!  Man, did that feel good! 

Wednesday's debate was the most tweeted about debate in the history of social media, with 10.3 million tweets within 90 minutes.  The moment during the debate that spiked the highest was when Governor Romney revealed, if elected, he would cut funding to PBS, affecting the cash flow to the hit kids show Sesame Street
After Big Bird realized his salary was in jeopardy, he flew off the handle. Word is, he choked out Elmo and drop kicked The Cookie Monster in the larynx.  Explain that to the kids, Gov. Romney!

"Magician" David Blaine is performing a stunt (October 5-8) in New York City where he’s surrounded by one million volts of electricity, risking electrocution and death.  Blaine will stay connected to his audience through social media, answering questions from people around the world in real-time.  

The last time I saw electricity misused so flagrantly for no good reason was to power the tanning beds for the half-wits on Jersey Shore.
SPOLIER ALERT: David Blaine will survive!

The twitter-sphere was abuzz when a 16 year-old girl who was home alone, posted a tweet claiming someone was breaking into her house.  Initially people feared for her life, until authorities deemed it a hoax and 48 hours later she returned home unscathed
Good parenting 101 says, never leave your teenager home alone! Just ask budding ‘father of the year’ Snoop Dogg, who makes sure he’s always at home with his teenage son. I mean, his bong’s not going to light itself, is it?

Funny actor Rob Riggle has put his large frame to good use by playing a Frankenstein with a huge attitude problem in a new online Chipotle Halloween spot. The sales pitch is simple - wear a costume to Chipotle on October 31 after 4 p.m. and get a boorito for only $2.00.
Or, you could just show up to a Chipotle without a costume on and when the guy behind the counter asks what you’re dressed as you could slip on a ski mask and yell really loudly that you need everyone’s attention!

BONUS ROUND: This is more of a milestone than a trend, but I want to be the first to congratulate Mr. Zuckerberg forhitting one billion users on Facebook.  And Mark, moving forward, if you could ban people from posting plates of food, it would be appreciated.


@imkeithfenimore and that's, as I see it, what's trending in social media this week!


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