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5 Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes a lightning look at what’s been trending this week. [Oct 20 – Oct 26]

Pheed has launched, and it’s hoping to become the new Facebook of sorts, accumulating over a million users to date. The creators are positioning Pheed as the ultimate mash-up, taking everything that is right with other social media sites, and collapsing them into one.

A new social network you say? And everyone is flocking to it? Okay, okay, sign me up, but I’m going to use the same password I used for my Friendster and MySpace account: Heretoday,gonetomorrow1 (they say to always throw a number into your password, it makes the account harder to hack).

This picture, spawned by Mashable DIY, gives recycling a whole new meaning.  A Pringles can is transformed into an economy-friendly mobile phone speaker.

I got inspired and used a bunch of Cheetos bags to make a 1957 Chevy Bel Air super turbo fire V8 convertible with tail fins, but I failed miserably. The thing kept stalling.

Reddit has backed an original series called Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner. The show is premiering on Youtube, and stars the very funny and adventurous Zach Anner - it follows Zach and his buddies as they road trip across America to destinations suggested to them by people via social media. Once they arrive, they hook up in person with the people from Reddit who brought them to the city and funny stuff happens.

I tried to watch the show on my new iPad Mini, but I was only able to see 7.9 inches of it.  I usually like my crust cut off, but this is ridiculous!

In 1967, Bob Dylan famously held up cue cards with lyrics written on them in a video for his song, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Some 45 years later, in an effort to promote his latest song “Duquesne Whistle,” Dylan’s label has asked fans to Instagram lyrics for his new video, which is sure to be a classic. 

Not to be outclassed by Bob Dylan, Amanda Bynes has begun Instagramming her mug shots.

In an interesting clash of the arts and the twittersphere, The Metropole Orchestra encouraged people to tweet an original composition using a digital piano interface. “Tweetphoney: A Symphony of Tweets,” as they call it, will be performed during a live concert. Look for the concert to eventually end up on Youtube.

I’m down with this sort of thing as long as it doesn’t start to carry over into other industries - like your tweets telling a surgeon where to cut  #alittletotheleft. Or a bomb squad how to disarm #redwire, #noblue. Or an airplane pilot to takeoff #therunway’sclear?


@imkeithfenimore and that's, as I see it, what's trending in social media this week!

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