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5 Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes a lightning look at what’s been trending recently in social media. [Nov 17 – Nov 26]

Korean Internet sensation Psy performed "Gangnam Style" during the American Music Awards. Making a surprise appearance, MC Hammer came out and danced with Psy during the performance.
It’s safe to say that this is the first time MC Hammer has ever trended, considering when he was at the height of his popularity the Internet didn’t exist, and Calvin Coolidge was president.

A woman visiting Arlington National Cemetery thought it would be funny to mock a sign that read “silence and respect” by pretending to scream and give the middle finger.  She was so happy with the photo she posted it on her Facebook page and it went viral. People were so incensed by her disrespect that a new Facebook page was launched in her honor entitled “Fire Lindsey Stone.”
I’m guessing this picture may have been Photoshopped, and that this woman was actually in the stands, reacting to last week’s Eagles game.

Stock in the company MedBox has soared ever since it announced plans to make a vending machine that will dispense marijuana.  
A machine intended for selling munchies is being transformed into a weed-dispensing machine - there may be something ironic about that, but I’m too high and hungry right now to know for sure.

Here are three disheartening social media announcements from this week: Professional race car driver and spokesperson Danica Patrick announced her divorce via Facebook; The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik announced her divorce on her website; and singer Susan Boyle announced her album release party through Twitter with a pretty big gaffe when she sent this invite, #susanalbumparty.
When you dissect these three announcements and put them together, here’s what you get: Go Daddy’s Big Bang Anal Bum Party. I’m imagining there’s no cover charge, but you have to know someone to get in.

A group of guys in Utah got a hankering to jump off their roof, so they rented a truck and drove around town collecting leaves. They filled a moving truck with over 1000 bags of leaves and emptied the entire load into their backyard, then posted their adventure on YouTube.

Clean up was a lot easier, they just rolled it into a three-block long doobie and smoked it.


@imkeithfenimore and that's, as I see it, what's trending in social media this week!

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