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6 Celebrities Who Look Like Dinosaurs

Ed Asner & Anklyosaurus

Photos: iStock & Sara De Boer / Retna

Dinosaur Fun Fact: These guys share a birthday.



Guy Fieri & Styracosaurus

Guy Fieri Photo: CaptKirk / Starlitepics

Dinosaur Fun Fact: By sheer coincidence, Guy Fieri once ate a Styracosaurus burger. It was off the chain!



Larry David & Pachycephalosaurus

Photos: Nobu Tamura & HBO

Dinosaur Fun Fact: Most dinosaurs were actually better dinner party guests than Larry David.



Coolio & Pegomastax

Coolio Photo: Joe Kohen / Getty Images

Dinosaur Fun Fact: Pegomastax is almost as extinct as Coolio’s career.



Ann Coulter & Troodon

Photos: Joe Stevens / Retna Ltd. & Getty Images

Dinosaur Fun Fact: The three major theories of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs are a meteorite strike, a massive drought, and Obama's presidency.



Conan O’Brien & Parasaurolophus

Photos: Mark Garlick / Getty Images & Joe Pugliese / TBS

Dinosaur Fun Fact: Before announcing Jimmy Fallon as the new host of The Tonight Show this week, NBC considered giving the show to a fossilized parasaurolophus, as they thought its jokes would be fresher than Jay Leno’s.


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