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6 Dumbest Driver Videos


For some awesome reason, when people get behind of the wheel of a fast car they’re under the impression that they suddenly…miraculously…have the driving skills of a Hollywood stuntman. Not so, as you can see from these clips of some of the dumbest driving exhibitions we've ever seen.

Colliding Cars: Ah yes, you and your buddy want to showcase your driving and drifting skills in this big, spacious parking lot.


Crashing a Classic: A beautiful, 400-hp Shelby Cobra + novice, old lady driver = awesomeness for us.


Bad Burnout: I'd say his buddy with the camera pretty much nailed it, "That's not f*ckin' good!"


Dumb-Asses: These next two pretty much involve the same two-step process: Drive like an asshole, then lose control and hit other cars.


Buy Some Driving Lessons: That’s it, rev that highly-tuned Ferrari engine and peel out at the Ferrari parade. Who says rednecks don't drive Ferraris?