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6 Hilarious Home Shopping Channel Accidents

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The beauty of live TV is that anything can happen - the tragedy is that it often doesn’t. But when these moments do happen, there is nowhere funnier for them to occur than on the world’s home shopping empires (not counting rodeos, fire safety training sessions, and security footage of drunk people in churches).

1. Telescoping Ladder Fall
There is a reason that ladders have a very clear label near the top, written in five languages and all in phonetic letters: The manufacturer doesn’t want you to go above that step. The only way they could make it clearer is if they sold each ladder with a large, ex-military bouncer positioned on the step below. And yet, people still think they can defy the laws of gravity just so they can dust an area of their house that no one will ever notice (except when they fall and the paramedics show up to ask what happened).

2. Broken Katana Stabbing
The U.S. Constitution may not contain an amendment banning the sale of large knives and swords, but the laws of common sense suggest that maybe some people should have to be assessed before purchase. Chances are, if you’re watching a live knife shopping show, one of the last things you should be handling is a large blade that can help you find out what color your intestines are.

3. “Flex-o-Ladder” Collapse
There is a reason you don’t see many commercials where the spokesperson demonstrates the product in real time (that reason being that the Actors’ Guild doesn’t offer solid insurance for orthopedic adjustments or dental replacements).

4. German Scooter Fall
It would seem that any idiot with two legs connected to a brain could figure out how a scooter works, yet for some reason, this QVC host decides to explain it in great detail. The result? God smites her for presuming her audience doesn’t understand the most basic laws of motion.

5. Wii Screen Accident
The Internet is full of Nintendo Wii accidents where players get way too wrapped up in the game and end up accidentally throwing their controller through the screen of their $4,000 plasma television. When it happens live on television, though, the taste of their tears is so, so much sweeter.

6. Fainting Home Shopping Host
When you faint once in the middle of a segment on live TV, that’s bad luck. When you do it twice? That’s the universe telling you to do something less irritating with your life.

Danny Gallagher is a freelance writer, reporter, humorist and owner of a telescopic folding ladder. He can be found on the web at

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