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6 Things That Look Like Poodles But Aren't

So you don't get duped into cuddling with a furry, beefed-up rodent. 

Before you bring home a pooch you fall in love with at the pet store, do yourself a favor and 1) make sure the dog has had all its shots; and 2) make sure it's actually a dog. Unfortunately, one man in Argentina did not ensure the latter, when he purchased two "toy poodles" at a bazaar, and later learned he was instead the owner of two fluffy ferrets that had been beefed up with steroids:


Left: poodle, Right: Not a Poodle.

The cheap $150 price tag (compared to the average price of $1000 for a toy poodle), combined with its creepy beady eyes, should have raised some red flags, but some people just want to believe they got a great deal on an ugly purebred dog sold by a shady weirdo at a flea market. In fact, this guy wasn't the only person to be duped into buying what Argentineans refer to as "Brazilian rats" (and Americans call "filthy hippie pets"). The Daily Mail discovered other people who had fallen for the ol' ferret-disguised-as-a-poodle trick, too. 

So you don't take the same bait in your poodle-shopping, we've compiled a handy list of things that ARE and ARE NOT poodles. Please follow accordingly. (And then be a good human and adopt one.) 


Left: poodle, Right: Not a Poodle (but just as irritating.)

Left: Poodle, Right: Not a Poodle (probably. We have no idea what it is.)

Left: Poodle, Right: Not a poodle (but will do in a pinch.)

Left: Poodle, Right: Not a Poodle (we learnt this the hard way.)

Left: Poodle, Right: Not a Poodle (or a plot ever likely to be explained.)

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