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7 Strange ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes

For when ‘sexy pirate’ just doesn’t do it anymore.

It’s been long established that Halloween is no longer the scariest, but the skimpiest day of the year. Not that anyone complained about a sexy cop or sexy cat costume before, but what about sexy food items? While pondering this great philosophical matter, take a look at these seven ‘sexy’ costumes and draw your own conclusions.

Sexy Watermelon

Presumably no girl would be thrilled about being compared to a watermelon. But a sexy watermelon – one so succulent that a passerby couldn’t help but chomp right into it…Maybe…?

Sexy Cookie Monster

This makes cookie monster sad.

Sexy Husky

Part Limelight clubkid, part Cruella de Vil, zero parts hot.

Sexy Silence of the Lambs

Because nothing screams ‘sexy’ like a cannibalistic serial killer portrayed by Anthony Hopkins.

Sexy Big Bird

A thigh-skimming of this Halloween’s most politically charged costume.

Sexy Snowy Owl

Heavy on sequins and cleavage, low on wings, beak, and any other ‘owl’ indicators.

Sexy Dr. Phil

And here’s something for the fellas. If you find one lady who will be impressed by this, we’ll be impressed.

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