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7 Superheroes Playing Other Superheroes

Building and maintaining a superhero identity is a tough business, so it's not like you can just call in a temp if you need a few days off, are caught in a time-warping wormhole, or are drying out in rehab. No, during those times, the only people who can really fill in for you are other heroes. In honor of Iron Man 2's introduction of War Machine and the current Batman comic book continuity, we salute those times when superheroes have taken on the identities of other superheroes. We assume that all costumes were dutifully laundered before being returned…

Nightwing Dressed as Batman
Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin series may seem like a return to good, old-fashioned dynamic duo action, but there is a slight twist: That's not Bruce Wayne. No, Bruce is currently skipping through time, so the cowl is currently being worn by fellow hero Nightwing. Not that that is too much of a stretch, since Nightwing's civilian identity is none other than Dick Grayson, the original Robin. Aw, hey, look who's all growns up!


Iron Fist Dressed as Daredevil
A byzantine course of events leads to crusading lawyer Matt Murdock being outed as Daredevil and sent to prison. In an effort to convince people that Murdock isn't, in fact, the red-clad vigilante (even though he is), fellow hero Iron Fist temporarily dons the Daredevil duds and patrols Hell's Kitchen. The glowing right hook was kind of a giveaway.


Superman Dressed as Captain Marvel
During Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness' Batman/Superman series, Big Blue and the Dark Knight go up against indefatigable nemesis Lex Luthor, who happens to be President of the United States and who employs Captain Marvel (Shazam!) as a personal bodyguard. After whooping the crimson hero, Superman dons his costume in order to infiltrate Luthor's lair. Of course, he's not alone…


Batman Dressed as Hawkman
…Luthor also sent Hawkman to subdue the World's Finest duo (he also fails) and since Bruce Wayne had the adequate amount of chest hair needed to pull of the disguise, he donned Hawkman's costume during the showdown with Luthor. BatHawk? Somewhere, a fetish is born.


War Machine Dressed as Iron Man
OK, this is a little bit of a cheat since James "Rhodey" Rhodes actually took over the Iron Man identity before becoming War Machine. But still, seeing as he went on to have his own costumed identity, our judges are going to allow it. With his bank account empty and his body soaked in more vodka than the shag carpeting in Lindsay Lohan's bedroom, Tony Stark is unfit for Iron Man duty so Rhodes takes over. In fact, during Marvel Comics' 1984 mega-crossover series Secret Wars (which saw every hero and every villain from the Marvel universe whisked away to a remote planet to battle it out once and for all), it was Rhodes and not Stark in the red-and-gold armor.


Hercules Dressed as Thor
The Mighty Hercules, himself a figure of myth from an ancient culture, is pulled from his own ongoing adventure and asked to step in for the then-missing Norse God of Thunder. He's big, beardy, and talks funny, so it really was a perfect fit. Although Herc was sadly missing a vital key to Thor's success. No, not Mjolnir—Farrah Fawcett locks.


Bucky Dressed as Captain America
With the original Cap trapped somewhere in time (Hey...), former sidekick (waitaminute...) Bucky - who was believed dead but then came back as a villain-turned-hero Winter Soldier - took over the mantle of the star-spangled Avenger. In the comics. Bucky is still Captain America, but with a movie on the horizon there's no way Steve Rogers isn't taking his shield back in the very near future.


Superman Dressed as Gangbuster
Gangbuster is, to put it mildly, a Z-Grade hero. In celebrity terms he's, like, Zacherly level. But his Q-rating got a major boost when none other than comic book A-lister Superman pretended to be him for a short time.