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Adam McKay's Favorite Funny People

I mostly make movies and produce some TV, but guess what? I also enjoy the Twitter, the Funny or Die, the YouTube (I like to put “the” in front of everything, like the Maxim). Here are five people who make me laugh consistently. Enjoy!

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty

Rob Delaney 
Rob is pretty well known on Twitter, but damn it, he makes me laugh every day. 

David Rees 
First in a comic strip, then in animated shorts for Huffington Post, Rees has been doing “Get Your War On” for a while, using clip-art characters who talk like ’roided-up jingoistic boneheads. They always make me laugh.

Sarah Beattie
Do you like raunchy, insane jokes? I do. Plus, she dresses up like obscure anime characters. It’s a winning combo.

Alex Baze
Alex writes the jokes you love on SNL, for “Weekend Update.” He can be funny in one sentence, which is really hard.

Ryan Perez 
Ryan is a writer-director as well as an actor on Funny or Die. He’s been banging out original hilarious videos for a few years now.